Friday, November 7, 2008

Last night's tasting

We had a really lovely time last night at the first Thursday night Stumpjack Wine Bar tasting. It was fun, relaxed and easy. Thank you, everyone who came, for making this such a nice evening. Be sure to keep abreast of what will be regular Thursday night tastings at the Stumpjack Wine Bar. The current calendar is on the right.

Becky, Maria, Kim, Darla, Lucy, Brian, Donna...and David taking the picture.

I'll give Kim props for a job well done! The wines and cheeses that she chose to pair made for a very interesting evening. The combinations ranged from subtle, sophisticated and creamy to powerful, rich
and tangy. Individual tastes being what they are, I don't think there was a clear consensus on any particular pairing. Although while everyone expressed their enjoyment with the variety of tastes, aromas and textures, we all seemed to have at least one or two pairings that we wanted to remember for future reference. This turned out to be such an enjoyable couple of hours...wonderful food and drink, good people and lively conversation. And as an added bonus I think we all learned something too. I'm giving it a big thumbs up. Next week is my turn, with beer and sausage on the agenda. I hope it goes as nicely as last night's. ---David

We had an awesome time at the tasting last night. Kim did a great job hosting this. Thanks for the cheese gift that we won as well. See you next tasting and several times in between.
What a great, fun, social mecca you've created in downtown TR.

That was fun last night. That was my first wine tasting. Kim did a very good job. ---Donna

That was fun last night. I learned something, and that's always nice.
...tell Kim how much I enjoyed the wine/cheese ---Lucy

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