Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm full!

Image from last night's tasting, courtesy of Brian Powell.

Last night's Beer & Salami Tasting was very enjoyable. A handful of good microbrew beers, an equal measure of tasty Italian meats, a half-dozen friends sitting around shooting the breeze...makes for a fun and gastronomically satisfying evening. The majority consensus seemed to be that Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale was the surprise beer of the night (a truly great beer from that brewery's line of excellent products). I think the favorites of the meats were the pastrami and the capicola (or capicollo). While we followed a format of pairing specific beers with specific cuts of meat, no specific pairing jumped out as the overwhelming favorite.

Thank you to Lee Brocher of Maretti's Italian Deli in Manitowoc for setting us up with an excellent variety of cured meats. After the tasting we went over to the Strand theater for a private screening of the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, which opens tonight. Big thumbs up on this gritty, action-packed flick. Thanks Gretchen and John!

Next week: Andrew Hilliard of the Beau Jobert South African Winery will be doing the tasting at Stumpjack. Details to follow.

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