Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pastry and Coffee = sooooo good

Here's Brian Powell's thoughtful review of tonight's tasting:

"It was fun to meet Jennifer and taste her treats. I'm not a big sweets fan, but hers are more natural with the organic ingredients and extra effort she puts into them. She has many subtle flavors and textures that make each bite fulfilling and adventurous at the same time.

There were a couple of items (such as the raspberry topped cherry cream mini-cheesecake cup) where I just closed my eyes to avoid being distracted so I could concentrate on the senses that were being tantalized, namely my taste buds. The apple crumble was also one of my favorites, but the raspberries that were precisely placed on top of this treat looked too perfect to be real, so before you bit into it you had to admire its natural beauty.

The coffee made for a natural balance or contrast of flavors. We enjoyed the whole experience..."

Click the image above to enlarge and get a closer look at some of Jennifer's creations. Click here to visit her tantalizing blog.

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jin said...

I wanted to comment sooner but had to get my catering dealy out of the way first!!!

I had a BLAST last night!
Kim, you & David put on a fabulously classy tasting! Music, atmosphere, professional yet comfortably laid back at the same time... Excellent! Can't wait to do it again!